Is It Free?

No. The app will cost you but features no ads or additional in-app purchases. The price varies depending if you are downloading it from Google, Amazon or Apple but runs as low as $1.99 up to $3.49.

Ages Designed For?

4-7. The game is best suited for kids in kindergarten and first grade.

What’s It About?

With Sight Words, Edoki Academy has designed a fun game for kids to help them become successful early readers.

Children have the opportunity to learn 320 new sight words across multiple game modes like whack-a-mole, memory match, bingo or even practicing to spell the words on a typewriter. Overall the game features 10 different gameplay modes.

Parents also have the opportunity to customize the app and add words to the game as well. This is great for practicing the sight words kids are already learning at school.

Another great feature for parents is the progress tracker that lets you see which words your kids might need more help practicing and that gives you the options to prioritize certain words over others.

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What’s The App Good For?

The app is great at introducing new sight words, practicing ones they already know and helping improve spelling skills.

Is Sight Words Worth It?

Yes. We wish they had included a mode that puts the words in sentences so kids can understand what the words mean and know when to use them, but overall this is a fun companion app to practicing sight words and learning new ones.

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