Is It Free?

Somewhat.  The app is free to download but you only get access to about 30-40% of the available levels and content. A few additional levels can be unlocked by viewing ads or you could pay $3.99 and unlock everything.

Ages Designed For?

5 and under.  The game is simple enough for kids of all ages to grasp.

What's It About?

Whiskey the spider is a simple and safe app designed for kids of all ages. 

The app lets you play games that will have your child coloring Whiskey, dressing him up, finding hidden objects around him and matching stickers on a puzzle.

The best way to think of this app is as a modern day replacement for the entertainment found on a kid's menu at a restaurant.

Plays Like: Comomola Tap Tap Ocean

What’s The App Good For?

This is made to entertain very young kids when they have access to your tablets or smartphones. It will help them practice coloring inside the lines and to match shapes within puzzles.

Is Whiskey The Spider Worth It?

It’s worth the download if you have a really young preschooler. You’ll get a good bulk of the game to play for free and from there based off your child’s interest level in the game you can gauge if you want to spend the extra $3.99 to unlock the rest of the levels or not.

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