Diamonds In The Sky

Experience the Enchantment with this Magical 18x24 Museum-Quality Poster: Step into Eloise's World and Rediscover the Power of Belief
Add a touch of wonder to any room with our elegant, matte-finish posters, crafted on durable, archival paper for a timeless appeal. This enchanting 18x24 inch artwork will captivate the hearts and imaginations of all who see it.

Dive into the Magical Backstory

Eloise, a young girl with an unwavering belief in magic, dreams of one day becoming a fairy. Her world shatters when her teacher and friends dismiss her aspirations, insisting that fairies are mere figments of the imagination.
Dejected, Eloise returns home, vowing to forget her dreams. But as she attempts to let go of her magical fantasies, she discovers that her room, her cherished dolls, and her surroundings have inexplicably grown larger. It seems magic is real after all...
Stay tuned for more spellbinding adventures with Eloise as she explores the enchanting world that has suddenly opened up before her.

About The Artist

Stephanie Corfee is an incredible artist/author with an aesthetic that is a little bohemian, vibrant, colorful, and whimsical. She has worked as a watercolorist, gown designer, graphic designer, art teacher and writer. Stephanie's books and designs can be found at a variety of retailers including: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, Michaels, Urban Outfitters and more.

Bring Eloise's Magical Journey to Life in Your Home

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