Walking On A Dream

Embrace the Magic of Imagination with this Whimsical 18x24 Museum-Quality Poster: Enter Lucy's Dreamworld and Unleash Your Inner Dreamer
Transform any room into an enchanting space with our premium, matte-finish posters, printed on durable, archival paper for a lasting and captivating presence. This delightful 18x24 inch artwork captures the essence of childhood dreams and the power of imagination.

Explore the Enchanting Backstory

Lucy, a young dreamer, finds solace in her vivid imagination, doodling and drifting into magical worlds. Yet, she struggles to understand why others don't seem to share her unique perspective on life.
Following a mystical rainbow, Lucy embarks on a quest to find her unicorn and unravel the mysteries of her extraordinary experiences. What she uncovers will astound and inspire...
Stay tuned for more heartwarming adventures as Lucy unlocks the secrets of her magical world.
More to come...

About The Artist

Stephanie Corfee is an incredible artist/author with an aesthetic that is a little bohemian, vibrant, colorful, and whimsical. She has worked as a watercolorist, gown designer, graphic designer, art teacher and writer. Stephanie's books and designs can be found at a variety of retailers including: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, Michaels, Urban Outfitters and more.

Bring Home the Magic of Lucy's Dreamworld

Don't miss the chance to add this charming, limited edition poster to your collection. Perfect for instilling a sense of wonder in both children and adults, this enchanting illustration reminds us to embrace our inner dreamer and cherish the magic of our imaginations.
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