Is it Free?

Yes, the app is free to download and you can get a lot of value out of the app without spending any money.  They do offer a more a complete mindfulness pack for $4.99 that gives you about 7 additional lessons.

Ages Designed For?

6-9. While they do advertise themselves as an app for all ages this is definitely more suited for kids that can read and follow instructions. 

What's It About?

Ok so if your kids are anything like mine then the iPad or smartphone is a device typically used for playing silly games or watching videos of their favorite cartoons or of other kids playing and unboxing something that sooner or later they’ll want to unbox themselves.

Mindful Powers offers a completely different experience that is unlike any of the apps my kids have ever interacted with.

The app aims to develop your child’s mindful skills to help them cope with stress, anxiety or big emotions.  It looks to strengthen their ability to be calm and focus with the help of a playful and friendly animated character called a Flibbertigibbet.

It’s a really interesting concept and you have to admire Smashing Ideas for creating a really novel product for kids that aims to affect positive change. Having said that though, it isn’t all kids that are going to find this fun especially if they have plenty of more traditionally entertaining games on their device.


Plays Like: Nothing Else

What's The App Good For?

If your child can get into this app it will definitely help calm them down and help them develop mindful skills on how to control their emotions. The focus timer beats any other timer for kids right now especially during homework time.

Is Mindful Powers Worth It?

Yes, its absolutely worth the download.  It’ll cost nothing to try and if your child ends up loving the app they’ll be using their screen time on a better alternative than a good chunk of the other apps out there.

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