Is It Free?

Yes. The app is completely free with no ads or in app purchases.

Ages Designed For?

5-10. Younger kids in that age range could benefit if they have a parent or educator guiding them along as there are no words in this story. 

What's The App About?

Radio Jones and His Robot Dad is an interactive storybook app unlike anything else brought to you by an Oscar-nominated team of filmmakers.

It tells the story of boy who wishes his dad would play with him but work always gets in the way and leaves him feeling bored alone. He decides to get proactive and codes himself a Robot Dad to play with and to keep him company.

It’s an incredibly well designed storybook featuring beautiful animations and has a great soundtrack.  

What really sets the app apart though is how interactive it is.

You don’t just flip through the pages. Instead on most pages you have different types of interactions within the story like throwing a can off into a garbage, kicking a ball around or even shouting out loud to hear your echo.   

Plays Like: Goldilocks and Little Bear

What’s The App Good For?

Kids will connect to the character and may relate to times where they longed to play with a parent or someone but couldn’t because of work or other obligations. It’s great for the imagination as kids will try to develop the story in their own ways since the book has no words or narration.

Is Radio Jones and His Robot Dad Worth It?

Yes, absolutely! Not only will children enjoy this, but adults will appreciate how well crafted this app is. It’s one of the best interactive books we’ve ever experienced as it takes advantage of the iPad to create an experience that traditional books can’t offer. We really wish there were more apps like this available.

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