Is it Free?

No, the app is $2.99 to download but features no ads or in-app purchases.

If you want a glimpse of the types of experiences and games your kids are going to be into in the near future then you should download this game.

Ages Designed For?

3-5. The app is designed for young kids that are familiar with the story and that might enjoy bringing the story to life.

What's It About?

My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR takes one of of the most popular children’s books and tries to bring the story into your home. Using your smart device’s camera, the app can place the caterpillar onto any flat surface around you which allows you to interact with and feed the caterpillar as you help it develop into a butterfly.

It’s a real novel experience and will probably be your child’s first experience with AR that’s actually designed for them.

Plays Like: Nothing Else

What’s The App Good For?

It’s a good glimpse into the future of apps for kids with the AR feature and brings one of the most beloved storybook characters for really young kids into their home.

Is My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR Worth It?

Yes, If your child really loves the story. This app was developed by Storytoys which has a great track record of updating their apps and so we wouldn’t be surprised to see more storybook elements added to the game as the app is a bit bare bones right now. How awesome would it be to have the story play out and be narrated in front of you? The app could also use some voice direction to guide young kids using the app as it’s likely going to be their first experience with AR.

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