Is It Free?

No. The app will cost you $2.99 but features no ads or additional in-app purchases.

Ages Designed For?

4 and up. Toca Boca is brilliant at making games fun for older kids while at the same time making the games simple enough that kids of all ages can enjoy them.

What's It About?

Toca Boca is considered the premier developer of apps for children. Their games are almost always worth the download and offer lots of unique fun.

The most popular series of their apps returned with the release of Toca Hair Salon 3. It's taken everything that kids loved in the previous titles and made it better by providing dozens of new characters and ways for your kids to express their creative styles.

Kids are given the chance to cut, curl, blow dry, color, shave, grow and customize the hair and facial hair styles of their characters using everything you would find at a hair salon and then some.  Kids also have the ability to style the clothing and accessories of their characters so by the time they are done they will have created a really unique looking character.

The app is colorful, incredibly fun and really the best of the styling genre of games for kids.

Plays Like: Barbie Magical Fashion, Silly Billy Hair Salon

What's The App Good For?

The app is great at providing fun and entertainment while being one of the best apps at promoting diversity.  It's also great at providing a fun creative outlet for kids to showcase their sense of style.

Is Toca Hair Salon 3 Worth It?

Yes. It's by far the best of the styling games available for kids and beyond that it's just a fun app to watch the crazy hair styles kids come up with.

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