Is It Free?

No. The app will cost you $2.99 but features no ads or additional in-app purchases.

Ages Designed For?

4 and up. If your child can play make believe with action figures and dolls then they are ready to play any game in the Toca Life series of games.

What's The App About?

If your kids are fans of the Toca Life series of games they are instantly going to love Toca Life Pets.

It’s added 23 new characters to choose from and the app is loaded with over 120 different animals ranging from dogs, cats, owls, frogs, spiders and more.  It doesn’t matter if your child is a puppy fan or a kitty fan, they will find a pet to love and play with in this game.

Children will get the chance to explore a pet park, pet hotel, pet shop, a bungalow and the vet’s office. That means picnics, shopping, relaxing and even splashing in mud.

If you are not familiar with the Toca Life series of games, it’s the smart phone and iPad’s version of a dollhouse. Kids have a cast of characters that they can use to explore different scenes and get to play make believe as if they were playing with toy dolls and action figures. 

Plays Like: Toca Life: Vacation, My Town: Pets, Pango Land

What’s The App Good For?

This is going to be repetitive if you have already read any of our reviews of games from the Toca Life series but these games are great for creativity and developing your child’s story telling skills.  It’s also a great way to bond with your child and make up some crazy stories together that you can easily record and save for playback later.

Is Toca Life: Pets Worth It?

Yes. Kids already overwhelmingly love the Toca Life series of games as evidenced by their ability to top all app charts so when pets finally get added into the mix, it’s an instant hit.  Toca Boca continues to deliver great quality fun apps for children.

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