Is It Free?

No. The app will cost you $3.99 but features no ads or additional in-app purchases.

Ages Designed For?

5-8. The game can be a bit challenging for the younger kids and so you might have to help them out, but that could be a plus. Older kids might find the game fun as well but they will probably finish it too fast to want to keep playing it again.

What's The App About?

We ARGH Pirates is the latest release from the award-winning creative studio, Avokiddo. They’ve been the studio behind hit apps like Thinkrolls, Thinkrolls 2, Emotions and DNA Play.

With the We Argh Pirates app, you set sail with Captain Rose and his crew for an adventure that will have you solving puzzles, battling sea monsters, collecting treasure, fishing and launching cannonballs.

The game is really well designed and has a unique fun group of characters to play along with. 

Each level is a different spot on the map with each spot having it’s own unique gameplay style whether that’s to ride on a ship and jump over rocks or going through maze like volcanoes.

Plays Like: Thinkrolls

What’s The App Good For?

For starters this is a really fun game with obstacles along the way that will challenge your child to use their critical thinking skills to complete the missions. Overcoming challenges in games can provide a good sense of achievement and confidence in kids.

Is We ARGH Pirates Worth It?

Yes. We loved this game and thought it was incredibly fun, the graphic and sound designs were beautiful and any pirate loving kid will love this title.  The only drawback is that it leaves you wanting more levels or some form of gameplay that keeps you coming back once you’ve finished the game.