We Own The Sky

Discover the Mystery of Planet X: Own this Stunning 24x18 Museum-Quality Poster and Embark on an Intergalactic Adventure
Transform your space with our exquisite, matte-finish posters, expertly printed on durable, archival paper to ensure a lasting, striking display. Measuring 24x18 inches, this captivating artwork is a bold statement piece for any room.

The Intriguing Story Behind the Art

As Earth's advancements in space exploration send ripples of unease through the cosmos, the residents of Planet X find themselves facing an imminent threat. Desperate for knowledge and insight, they dispatch their most brilliant mind to explore the vastness of the Milky Way and uncover its deepest secrets.
Stay tuned for more thrilling developments in this otherworldly saga...

About The Artist

Flatbush Brown is an illustrator, character designer, hand letterer, printmaker, and collector. A lover of cartoons, comics, tattoos, and folk art, he finds happiness in making things for kids. Currently he is working on a children's picture book, doing hand lettering for various brands while living in his native Brooklyn, New York. 

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