Is it Free?

No, not really. You can download the app for free but that only gives you 25 of the 500 trivia questions. For just $1.99 though, you can get the remaining 95% of the questions.

Ages Designed For?

6-9. While the game does advertise itself as made for children 4 years and up, we think it’s better suited for young readers aged 6 and up.

What's It About?

Fiete Quiztime shines as a multi-player trivia game for parents and children to play together, but kids can also play it alone as well.

The questions are interesting, quite unique and are spread across 5 categories: Horses, Dinosaurs, Animals, Humans & Nature and finally Knights & Co.  

Younger children might get stumped at some of these questions but so will you.  The challenging questions are a key feature of the game as they give your kids the opportunity to learn new facts about the world.

The game is beautifully designed and is the latest hit from the Fiete series of games available on the App Store.

Plays Like: Press Your Luck

What’s The App Good For?

It's a really fun way of learning interesting facts across multiple subjects. It's a great way to spend time with the family and discovering new facts together.

Is Fiete Quiztime Worth It?

Yes. It’s a great trivia game that is going to make for a fun time playing with your kids.

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