Is It Free?

No. The game is $1.99 but features no in-app purchases or ads.

Ages Designed For?

4 and under.  Kids older than 4 will find the game a bit boring especially if they are used to playing other games on smart devices. It’s perfect for toddlers and young kids that are using these devices early on though.

What’s It About?

Mobo Kids is a small team of designers and developers that make fun games to introduce preschoolers to an increasingly tech-oriented world. They try to fit in some educational value into the games but their games are really more about entertaining toddlers.

Hide and Seek is their attempt to bring the popular playground game into a smartphone or tablet. That may seem simple enough but finding the hidden characters only makes up a portion of the game.

Toddlers will have the opportunity to interact with the environment around them as they will find ways that encourage them to count along, draw or just play with skateboards or in a playground.

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What’s The App Good For?

It’s a great app for keeping toddlers entertained while exploring spaces looking for animals. Children will be exposed to numbers, letters and will feel accomplished when they find the characters they are looking for.

Is Mobo Hide and Seek Worth It?

Yes, it’s a great app for toddlers.  If your child is used to playing more advanced games already on your devices though, you might want to get a more challenging game for them.

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