Are their apps free?

No. The apps typically go for $2.99.

Ages Designed For?

4-9. These games are well suited for kids in that age range as the games are easy enough for any child to explore and enjoy.

About My Town:

My Town creates what it calls digital dollhouse-like games to promote creativity and open ended play for kids all over the world.

What does that mean?

It means that they make games in the same genre as many of the Toca Boca games or the Dr. Panda games which lets you navigate characters around different scenes within a specific theme. You explore the scenes and interact with the objects and characters around you. Your imagination determines what the game is essentially.

My Town has been pretty good at incorporating new features into their existing catalogue of apps long after games have been released. An example is allowing you to use characters from their games as stickers on iMessage. Another is how they’ve tried to interconnect new titles to previously released games.

The games themselves don’t feature as much diversity or choices in their characters as the Toca Boca series does and the scenes don’t feel as lively. That said though they do have a vast catalog of games and so they actually do have more options than most other studios in terms of themes to explore.

Our Favorites: My Town: Haunted House, My Town: Hotel, My Town: Home

Are My Town Apps Worth It?

It Depends. They are not must haves but if your child likes this genre of games they will definitely enjoy the My Town series. Over time their apps have continuously gotten better and are becoming better with new features like the ability to bring in elements of one game to the other.