Are their apps free?

No. They typically go for about $2.99. 

Ages Designed For?

2-5. If your child falls anywhere in that age range they will find something to love about each of these games. They will start to lose more and more interest in the games though as they get older.

About Sago Mini:

A sister studio to Toca Boca, Sago Mini makes award-winning apps for preschoolers. They create experiences to encourage the joy of learning and discovery through play.

Sago Mini games are adorably well designed, simple enough for all ages and are engaging as they try to have a playful angle for wherever your child’s imagination leads to.

Their games tend to have a consistent style. Your child will pick a character and explore and interact with scenes relating to the theme of the game. So for example in Sago Mini Road Trip they will get the chance to pick clothes and other items that they want to pack into their suitcase, get to pick their ride and go driving around to all sorts of different environments. Along the way, they’ll have to stop for gas and maybe a car wash. By the end of it they will feel like they know what a road trip entails.

Our Favorites: Sago Mini Ocean, Sago Mini Road Trip, Sago Mini Friends, Sago Mini Fairy Tales

Are Sago Mini Apps Worth It?

Yes. Sago Mini makes among the very best of apps for very young kids and the games typically run for $2.99 with no in-app purchases or ads.