What's It About?

Blank Slate is a really fun party game where you try to predict what everyone else is secretly thinking. Players have to think carefully and write a word in secret that completes the phrase from the cue card. Their objective is to write down a word that they think someone else would write, but not the most obvious word as you get less points if more than one other player also guesses the same word. Blank Slate will challenge you to think outside the box while simultaneously trying to think of something that at least one other player would be thinking of.

Designed For?

Blank Slate is designed for 3-8 Players. Games can be expected to last between 20 to 30 minutes. The game is recommended for anyone over 8+ but can be played by younger kids as long as they can keep up with the pace.

Plays Like:  Herd Mentality or Wavelength

How To Play Blank Slate?

What’s It Good For?

  • Maybe the simplest game to explain to any newcomer.  This makes the game accessible to anyone at a game night without having to spend more than a minute or two to explain the game mechanics.

  • While the game does have a scoring element which drives the type of words you will make, it is much less about winning and much more about the shared moments it creates as you match the perfect choices with just one other person.

  • Fast Game Time. The quick gameplay  (30 minutes or so) makes it easy for everyone to stay glued to the game without their attention waning as time goes by. 

Why Blank Slate Is Worth It?

It's a really fun casual game for families to play with each other. It might not be the main attraction for your game night but everyone will definitely have a great time playing it. It's a game that's even funner in larger groups and anyone can pick up on how to play it quickly.