What's It About?

Blend in, don't get caught!

The Chameleon is a fun social party game from Big Potato Games. In this social deduction board game the Chameleon's task is to fit in and not let others guess that they are the Chameleon. When the game starts player suspect each other and their job is to figure out who amongst them is bluffing their way through the game. Using one carefully chosen word based on a secret topic, each player tries to uncover the Chameleon, who doesn’t know what the secret topic is but pretends to anyways.

Designed For?

The Chameleon is designed for 3-8 Players. Rounds can be expected to last between 5-10 minutes. The game was created with young teens and adults in mind with a rating suggestion of 14+ but the game is honestly suitable for younger gamers as well, it's just the topics might be a bit too challenging for them.

Plays Like:  A mashup of CoupCodenames

How To Play Chameleon?

What’s It Good For?

  • Simple game for anyone that doesn't want to spend most the night explaining the rules of the game over and over.

  • Fun social party game that gets more and more fun with each additional player. It's best played with a group of people you know well that way you can throw in some inside jokes within the rounds and see how well you can pull off a poker face around those that know you best.

  • Quick rounds make it perfect when time is running short or when you have other activities or games planned for the night.  The quick gameplay also makes it easy for someone to step out if they need to without it disrupting the entire game.

Is The Chameleon Worth It?

Absolutely. Chameleon is simple, fun and perfect for a game night.  The combination of length of rounds, how easy the game is for anyone to pick up and the fact that it doesn't disrupt the gameplay if someone has to leave the game for any reason all help make Chameleon a must have.