What's I Should Have Known That (board game) About?

I Should Have Known That is a unique and entertaining twist on all your favorite trivia board games.  It is an addicting game to play in groups as each time a new question pops up, you really start to think to yourself "wow I should know that"  but there you are puzzled and feeling like you are about to lose a point.

Designed For?

I Should Have Known That is designed for 2 or more Players. Rounds can be expected to last between 15-45 minutes. The game was created with young teens and adults in mind with a rating suggestion of 14+ but the game is honestly suitable for younger gamers as well, it's just the topics might be a bit too challenging for them.

Plays Like:  Trivial Pursuit

How To Play - I Should Have Known That (Board Game)

I Should Have Known That (Benefits)

  • Very simple and basic game to figure out how to play and explain to others.

  • Fun social party game among trivia fans that will have players laughing at each other's answers. 

  • Players can adjust the rules of the game and play it in a variety of ways which make this a very fun and flexible game.

Is I Should Have Known That Worth It?

If your family loves trivia games then this is going to be a great addition to your collection of board games.  It feels a whole lot less like a pop quiz and more fun when you really feel like you should know the answers and that the others playing with you probably have the answer in mind.  Of course that's an illusion though as the questions are actually very tricky and focus on the finer details you just never really paid attention to.