Is It Free?

Yes. The game can be enjoyed without ever needing to make an in-app purchase though those purchases will help you unlock characters faster. The app also has optional ads but rewards gamers for watching them with coins used to unlock characters faster.

Ages Designed For?

5 and up. While the gameplay is simple enough for anybody to enjoy, it’s also challenging for all ages especially younger kids. Before you let your kids play the game make sure they are not the type to mistake games for reality as you wouldn’t want anyone to think they can mimic the game when crossing actual roads.

What's It About?

Disney Crossy Road is Hipster Whale’s love letter to everything Disney and of the great arcade games of yesterday.

Crossy Road was already one of the most successful games in the app space when Hipster Whale and Disney collaborated on making a Disney themed version of the game.  

It’s a simple game that plays very familiar to the classic arcade game “Frogger.”  You tap to jump across the screen and avoid getting hit as you cross busy roads.

It would have been easy for them to just port the game with Disney characters, but instead each featured Disney franchise has its own theme complete with its own background music, look and obstacles.

If you love Wreck-It Ralph, The Ducktales, Beauty and the Beast, Mickey or almost any of the Pixar films you will love this game as each of these titles and more get their own version of the game complete with just about every character you can think of from those films. Unlocking secret characters can also be extremely fun as is the case when unlocking Priscilla from Zootopia.

Plays Like: Doodle Jump, Subway Surfers, Don’t Touch The Spikes

What’s The App Good For?

Simple entertainment. It’s one of the funnest gaming experiences available on today’s smart devices.

Is Disney Crossy Road Worth It?

Yes. It’s really hard to top this game for some simple mindless fun. Not only will kids love the app, but so will anyone that enjoyed Frogger or other arcade games when growing up. It’s a must have for any Disney obsessed fan and our only hope is that Disney keeps updating the app with more and more characters and themes.

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