Is It Free?

No. The app will cost you $2.99 but features no ads or additional in-app purchases.

Ages Designed For?

4-8. The app is simple enough that kids of all ages will be able to take advantage of the fun side of the app and start creating their own monsters in no time. If you want your kids to take advantage of the educational value of the app though, you are going to have to get involved and play along as you introduce them to the idea of DNA and gene mutation.

What's It About?

DNA Play is an award winning app from Avokiddo that will introduce kids to the concept of DNA. 

It starts off as a simple puzzler where you fit pieces in together to complete the DNA code of a new monster creation.

Once the monster has been created you can then alter its genes to mutate its hands, feet, face, eyes and more.  You do that by moving around pieces of the gene puzzle from one spot to the other or you can make a random mutation by just tapping on the monster.

It’s simple fun and it might feel like most monsters won’t look too different from each other but that’s misleading as you can actually create up to 200 billion unique creatures. 

Kids will also enjoy watching the creatures interact with objects that show up randomly from time to time, making the monsters feel even more lively.

Plays Like: The Monsters, Creature Garden

What’s The App Good For?

It’s a great opportunity to introduce kids to the concept of DNA in an easy to understand and fun format.  It’s also an interesting way to see how creative your kids can get in designing their own monsters.

Is DNA Play Worth It?

Yes. The app is our favorite of the genre that lets you create your own monsters and alter their look.  It takes a simple idea and turns it into one where kids can learn about DNA and gene mutation with help from parents or teachers. The one case where we wouldn’t recommend the purchase is if your child already has a few other apps in this genre. Even if it is the best of the genre, if your child is already over this type of app there isn’t enough that will bring back the novelty.

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