Is It Free?

No. The app will cost you $2.99 but features no ads or additional in-app purchases.

Ages Designed For?

6-10. For the younger kids in the targeted age range, the concepts in the app may be a bit challenging so we recommend that parents or educators help navigate the app and answer questions kids might have about the mammals.  There is a handbook included with the app that gives a deeper dive into the featured mammals.

What's It About?

Mammals is the latest addition in the Explorer’s Library series of apps from Tinybop. This typically means there is a bigger focus on the educational side of the app over the play side.

If there is one thing kids typically enjoy learning about it’s animals. We start learning about animal noises as babies, we go to zoos, watch tv shows and sometimes even read up on the different animals in books and encyclopedias.

The Mammals app is Tinybop’s effort to be the place kids go to on a smart device to learn about 5 different mammals: the Bengal Tiger, Sloths, Bats, Kangaroos and Elephants.

In the app, kids will get the chance to explore the anatomy and various body systems of these mammals.  They’ll be able to see how these animals move around, carry babies and even get a chance to see the world through the eyes of these mammals.

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What’s The App Good For?

This is an extremely educational app that gives children an in-depth look at the mammals it covers. Zoologists and teachers have raved about the learning opportunities the app provides.

Is Mammals Worth It?

Yes. Mammals is a great interactive way to learn about the featured animals. Some kids might find the app a bit dull and might feel like it might as well be homework, but we bet those same kids will prefer this much more than going through a textbook or encyclopedia.

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