Are their apps free?

No. Their apps typically go for $2.99 but feature no ads or in app purchases.

Ages Designed For?

4-9. If your child falls anywhere in that age range they will find something to love about each of these games.

About Toca Boca:

If you have a child between the ages of 3-9 then chances are you’ve installed at least one Toca Boca app. Their development studio was started with the mission to create digital toys and games that stimulate the imagination. 

There are no levels to these games, no winning or losing, no in-app purchases, never any ads and the games are meant to appeal equally to both boys and girls. 

Since they’ve launched there have been plenty of other studios that have launched similar games, but one thing that really differentiates Toca Boca is the level of details and options available in each scene of their games.  Having those options really comes into play when the whole point of the game is to let your child’s imagination dictate what the game is.

Toca Boca games typically cost $2.99 but there are some bundle packages they offer that could provide savings if you are going to purchase multiple games.

Our Favorites: Toca Kitchen 2, Toca Life: Vacation, Toca Hair Salon 3

Are Toca Boca Apps Worth It?

Yes. Toca Boca is the gold standard in the children’s app space.