• Mammals by Tinybop (App)

    Mammals by Tinybop (App)

    Mammals is the latest addition in the Explorer’s Library series of apps from Tinybop. This typically means there is a bigger focus on the educational side of the app over the play side. If there is one thing kids typically enjoy learning about it’s animals. We start learning about animal...

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  • Fiete Quiztime by Ahoiii (App)

    Fiete Quiztime by Ahoiii (App)

    Fiete Quiztime shines as a multi-player trivia game for parents and children to play together, but kids can also play it alone as well. The questions are interesting, quite unique and are spread across 5 categories: Horses, Dinosaurs, Animals, Humans & Nature and finally Knights..

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  • Goldilocks and Little Bear by Nosy Crow (App)

    Goldilocks and Little Bear by Nosy Crow (App)

    Goldilocks and Little Bear is a really unique and innovative storybook app that may be the very best in the Nosy Crow fairytale series of apps. Children get to follow the dual stories of Goldilocks and of the Little Bear by rotating their devices to switch the story from one...

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  • Little Kitten Adventures by Fox and Sheep (App)

    Little Kitten Adventures by Fox and Sheep (App)

    Little Kitten Adventures is a new app developed by one of our favorite studios, Fox and Sheep. In the app you are tasked with helping the kitten get ready to go to a dress-up party.  Now that might sound simple but with this kitten...

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  • Toca Boca Apps Review

    Toca Boca Apps Review

    If you have a child between the ages of 3-9 then chances are you’ve installed at least one Toca Boca app. Their development studio was started with the mission to create digital toys and games that stimulate the imagination.  There are no levels to these games, no winning or losing,...

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  • Mobo Hide and Seek by Mobo Kids (App)

    Mobo Hide and Seek by Mobo Kids (App)

    Mobo Kids is a small team of designers and developers that make fun games to introduce preschoolers to an increasingly tech-oriented world. They try to fit in some educational value into the games but their games are really more about entertaining toddlers.

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  • Whiskey The Spider (App)

    Whiskey The Spider (App)

    The app lets you play games that will have your child coloring Whiskey, dressing him up, finding hidden objects around him and matching stickers on a puzzle. The best way to think of this app is as a modern day replacement for a kid's menu at a restaurant.

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  • Disney Crossy Road (App)

    Disney Crossy Road (App)

    Disney Crossy Road is Hipster Whale’s love letter to everything Disney and of the great arcade games of yesterday. Crossy Road was already one of the most successful games in the app space when Hipster Whale and Disney collaborated on making a Disney themed version of the..

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  • My Town

    My Town

    My Town creates what it calls digital dollhouse-like games to promote creativity and open ended play for kids all over the world. They make games in the same genre as many of the Toca Boca games or the Dr. Panda games which lets you..

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  • Sago Mini Apps Review

    Sago Mini Apps Review

    A sister studio to Toca Boca, Sago Mini makes award-winning apps for preschoolers. They create experiences to encourage the joy of learning and discovery through play.

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  • Sight Words by Edoki Academy (App)

    Sight Words by Edoki Academy (App)

    With Sight Words, Edoki Academy has designed a fun game for kids to help them become successful early readers.Children have the opportunity to learn 320 new sight words across multiple game modes like whack-a-mole, memory match, bingo or even practicing to spell the words on a typewriter. Overall the game...

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  • Toca Life: Vacation by Toca Boca (App)

    Toca Life: Vacation by Toca Boca (App)

    Toca Life: Vacation lets your kids play their ideal vacation. They’ll get to scan their bags, fly on a plane, surf some waves, make sand castles and enjoy some ice cream. The app is part of their Toca Life series of games and plays like a virtual dollhouse. There are...

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